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I love to adventure into quiet, 'tucked-away' parts of the globe, searching to uncover hidden gems and getting lost in small towns rather than seeing the most Instagram-worthy attractions. Hands down, my favorite adventure has been stumbling across a small town in the Pacific Northwest, where the ice caves melted into pristine blue waters, and there was no one else around.

I aim to help you create a magical and beautiful memory of your special event. I absolutely love nature, and simply get excited to watch the sun rise and set and observe all the different colors of the sky. I'm a huge people person and love to help others feel like their true authentic self. 

I've been around various different events, from high-speed Jet Ski world record attempts to women's triathlons and Law Enforcement recruitment events. It's all about having fun and capturing a truly authentic moment. I'm a huge supporter of Law Enforcement and the LGBT community. 

Did you know the average time to edit one image is 20 minutes?

I'm here to change that! I only take on a small number of projects at any given time - to ensure your images are edited and ready for you within days. When working on large scale events (such a Police Ceremonies) high-resolution edited images are needed within a 24 hour time frame to push out to the media. I'm here to work with you, and provide a high quality experience with a quick turnaround time.


My style is to create authentic memories, edited in a bright and natural style. I'm so excited to work with you and have some laughs.

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Additional Business

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Check out my aviation apparel company using fair trade materials. Polos and flying apparel are designed for flight schools, businesses, and individuals attending trade shows.

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